Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More fracts (broken facts)

FEMA started the wildfiles and the evacuation is part of a plan to relocate all Texans to reeducation camps in the Catskills.

Michelle Bachmann... 'nuff said.

Bottled water contains nanobots which will allow New World Order to remotely manage our minds.

Big business has our interest at heart.

Vice President Joe Biden's briefly turned into a lizard during his Labor Day speech.

Archeologist recently unearthed an ancient Egyptian calendar which ends on April 13, 1959. Scientists unanimously agree that the Egyptians had advanced knowledge and that the world ended over 52 years ago.

Recent double-blind laboratory tests have proved that social conservatives cannot smell the chemical that makes urine smell after eating asparagus.

The Obama administration has issued a directive that will require a license to ride horses across US highways.


  1. In the 2012 election a new catagory will be added to the candidates list. It will simply state, as a choice, "NONE OF THE ABOVE" and will negate one vote from all candidates.

  2. A legilative bill in Oregon will authorize
    police to ticket, and call for towing, any handicap driver who parks in a non-handicap parking space.

  3. Rick Perry is straight.

  4. The church of latter day saints has launched a recruitment operation that will directly target elementary aged girls whose parents can't afford hair extensions.


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