Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Truth -- as We Know It

Several years ago, I wrote a song called "The Truth (As We Know It)". I'm never sure others really understand the intent of my lyrics... or really, even listen to them. I think these lyrics pretty much express what I'd like to post on this site... absolute bull spun as the truth. So, one more time for the record, here's the lyrics to "The Truth..."

My mother came from Venus, my dad's from beyond the stars
He was appointed by the President as Ambassador to Mars
My brother married Madonna after only just two dates
My sister owns the internet... well, her and Mr. Gates

And that's the Truth, as we know it
If there's money in the pickin' then someone is gonna sow it
It the Truth as I live and die
But don't quote me and don't print it
I'll just swear that it's a lie

Back when I was younger, I taught Bob Wills to play
I wrote a song called "Faded Love", but I gave the rights away
Made up a dance they call the Two Step, showed Sinatra how to sing
Gave Django his first geetar, then taught Basie how to swing...


Then when I wrote the Bible and was wrapped up in the edit
I made the first electric light, but old Edison took the credit
Just like he did for talking pictures and you might have seen this one coming
One more time for the record, "I did not have sex with that woman."

(NOTE: I also done these last two lines live...
Just like he did for talking pictures and ain't this a pig in a poke...
These days they never lie, they just "misspoke"

By the way, this tune originally appeared on TwangFest's "Edges of the Postcard 4" compilation, and later on TwangBrand's "Hand Picked" compilation. It was recorded in my living room by myself, T Jarrod Bonta, Boomer Norman, Lee Potter, and Scott Esbeck.

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