Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fracts for 2015


Wall Street brokers have the moral high ground.


The outcome of profession wrestling matches is predetermined... or maybe not.


A chicken which is fed a diet of fish meal will grow gills.


The Kinks were originally Petula Clark's backup band.


Dave Brubeck's "Take Five" is actually in 4/4 time and it's an auditory illusion that causes us to hear it as 5/4.


An Ohio man can hold 40 golf balls in his mouth simultaneously.


The New York Times Sunday Crossword is part of a secret government program to make all Americans feel stupid, and therefore more easily manipulated.


Aaugggaug, a language spoken only by the natives of Uuuaoagi, in the Midway Islands, uses only the vowels, A E I O U, and the letter G, which is pronounced phonetically, "HKGH".


The "Brain Stomps" computer virus is planted when a user views illegally posted episodes of the The Simpsons.

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