Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Even More Fracts For 2016

Fracts for 2016

Although Donald Trump has five toes on both feet, on his left foot, he has 6 toenails.

L Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, at age 17 was the oldest person ever to participate in the White House Easter Egg Hunt. He found one egg.

Three-legged race, considered a major sport in the Marshall Islands, may be added to the Summer Olympics.

 If you stare at a blank web page, you can see the logo of the Trilateral Commission, along with the underlying copyright.

A farmer in Northern Ireland claims to have a chicken that can sing like Mariah Carey.

Fleetwood Mac has an in-progress album project which is expected to be completed in early to mid 2034.

The number eleven, long thought to be a prime, is actually divisible by fivenahalf, a previously unknown integer. Nostradamus predicted this discovery.

Chimpanzees in the wild are excellent swimmers and by instinct, use the backstroke.

President Grover Cleveland was an accomplished ventriloquist and could recite the Preamble to the Constitution without any perceptible lip movement.

It turns out, anyone can play guitar if you just try.

The best way to remove coffee stains on a shirt is the chew 3 garlic cloves, a sardine (packed in oil), 2 low sodium Fritos, a strawberry, and a teaspoon of dill weed, then spit the resulting mix into a hole in the backyard. The coffee stains mysteriously disappear in time.

99.99127% of all Americans can't think of what they came into the kitchen for.

"Why" is more commonly asked than "how".

An angel fish in the aquarium at Min's Chinese Diner in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, has correctly predicted the outcome of the NCAA basketball tournament since 1953. 

The Tooth Fairy is an invention of the International Monetary Fund.

The "Clean Plate Club" is bigger than anyone knows.

Secret tests conducted at the International Space Station, show that balsa wood in outer space has the same tensile strength as titanium steel.

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